April 23, 2022, Samuel Nigro begins a new, three-part art project, entitled “Drawing a Line.”

Part I, he will draw a line by thru hiking the complete Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), a National Scenic Trail stretching 2,653 miles from Mexico to Canada through the mountains of California, Oregon, and Washington. With permit in hand and having memorized the general contours of the trail, he begins at the Mexico Border, April 23, 2022, and anticipates finishing September or October.

Part II and III will take place over the following year after he exits the trail, and involve expanding the memorized trail into a modern-day songline, and, with all of the raw experiences and material gathered from hiking the trail, create a series of writings, drawings, and images, and a series of stone sculptures — all based on the theme of breaking stone that he has been working with for about 30 years.